10 Strange things in the world: some of them will surprise you.


Many strange phenomena occur around us, they may not be familiar to us and we have not seen them before, yet they exist in our world and are considered among the strangest things in the universe.

You may find some of them illogical and strange to you, especially when it comes to people's customs or laws imposed by many countries to regulate matters between people and foreigners.

In this report, we will tell you about the strangest things in the universe, whether those things are natural phenomena or some inexplicable accidents, in addition to some laws that will surprise you when you read them.

                                        The strangest things in the universe are

1. A bus running with human feces

Yes, there is a bus powered entirely by human feces and leftover food. The 40-seater Biological Bus service was launched in the southwest of England in 2014. The bus is powered entirely by biomethane, which is produced by processing human feces and wastewater health and food waste.

In addition, similar buses exist in other parts of Europe today and thus, they are considered as one of the strangest things in the world that you should know about.

2. Curious Pig Beach

If you thought the island of rabbits was totally exotic, then the next island will surprise you, as it is inhabited by a colony of feral pigs. Known as 'Pig Beach', this uninhabited island is located in Exuma, a region of the Bahamas.

The surprising thing is that the pigs enjoy swimming in the sea, and although the exact details of their arrival in this place are not known, they make a wonderful tourist destination.

3. Inventing socks to protect against harassment

Chinese fashion always causes astonishment and sometimes anger, but this time they made some "anti-harassment" socks, that is, hairy socks that show an unwanted view of the legs in order to keep harassers and rapists away.

A very unusual idea to avoid sexual harassment, however, it seems to be attracting more attention due to its strangeness.

4. Dogs with a blue tongue

There is a type of dog that has a blue tongue, which is the Chow Chow. There are several theories as to why these Chinese dogs have a blue tongue.

According to Chinese mythology, it is said that Chow Chow was a dragon dog who loved the day and hated the night, but one night, he was full of darkness and decided to devour the sky to end this matter, but the gods got angry and punished the dog by making his tongue blue.

5. Sprinkle cinnamon on those who did not marry in Denmark

Among the strange customs and traditions in Denmark, there is a tradition that occurs especially for people who are over the age of twenty-four and are still not married or in a relationship.

They were tied to a chair, and his friends and family came to gather around him, and he was sprinkled with cinnamon, so that he covered her with powder, so as to let passers-by know that this person was still celibate, as a kind of shame and disgrace at this condition.

6. Tomato celebration in Spain

This celebration is considered an ancient heritage that many enjoy annually. This celebration dates back to 1945 when the gathering takes place on the last Wednesday of August.

To participate in this festival, you have to follow rules including respecting others and not using violence with them, but just having fun throwing tomatoes without hurting anyone.

7. Throwing teeth in Grece

For the fulfillment of wishes in Greece, teeth are especially removed with children after extraction. The child stands on a high roof and secretly wishes for the wish to come true, then gets rid of the tooth and hopes for the wish to come true.

Regarding the Tooth Fairy, there are many legends that tell stories related to it, as the Tooth Fairy is responsible for collecting the teeth and granting the wishes of the little children who wish for it. Did you have this habit as a child?

8. In China, hair is cut once in a lifetime

There are some strange scenes that can be seen in China, whether with regard to food or the various customs and traditions, especially for the Arab people.

In China, you will find many customs and traditions practiced by many, especially in a village called Hongluo Red Yao. One of those customs is to cut hair only once in life, and this habit makes the women in this village have the longest hair in the world with a length of 3.3 feet.

The hair of the reported 18-year-old woman is to be shortened, preferably if she is ready for marriage, as a preparation for her new married life.

9. Facial mutilation in the English countryside

One of the strangest traditions and customs that will impress you around the world is the mutilation of the face in the English countryside. It is a competition that has been taking place since 1267, in which participants compete to show the worst signs of beauty on their faces.

The very disgraced person being honored in the competition, Peter Jackman brutally disfigures his face by having his teeth pulled out.

10. Heart face

South Korea is characterized by the spread of plastic surgery, and therefore, obtaining a heart-face has become one of the most important beauty features for the population there, which made it One of the most common plastic surgeries.

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